About PTE Patch

"PTE Patch" is a patch for Pro Evaluation Soccer that was founded in 2012 by mota10, after some years making personal editing since PES 6.
In the beginning, we started with small patches, with the focuses in the Portuguese first and second divisions. After PES 2014, we started getting bigger and getting good feedback from our fans that started to be from all around the world and not just from Portugal or portuguese football fans. With this growth we decided to do a bigger and "globally" patch with the focuses in all the leagues in the game.

Since 2015 that the team is constituted by mota10 (Portugal), NemanjaBre (Serbia), Stravello7 (Greece) and since 2016, with a new member, Sami_Ze (Algeria).
For the team already collaborated, R. Baggio (first menber of the team), Andy18Cruz and JesusHrs, to whom we thank for the work done for PTE Patch.


Our goal, since the beginning, was to create a patch more authentic as possible and for that, we created a serie of rulles that we follow strictly, rulles that have been rewrite in this years of editing and are fundamental for the creation of an authentic patch. 

These are our mainly rulles for the creation of the PTE Patch:


- All unlicensed teams will be licensed with real names, kits, call-names, logos, stadiums & managers with the respective image in a cut out style. 
Fake national teams will be licensed too, with real players names, kits and national anthens. The teams formations and squads will be updated with the latest Live Update from KONAMI before the release of a new patch.


- Mainly rulle: Never change the KONAMI player stats, even when they are bad.
Stats from KONAMI players will not be changed. We will only edit the stats of players created by us. The created players stats will be based in FM and FIFA stats and all the faces will be edited using the in-game editor and accessories will be added. The stats is the only thing we will not edit, all the other characteristics and accessories can be updated when necessary to all players, from KONAMI or created. All the duplicated players will be removed from the game too.


- Mainly rulle: Never change KONAMI players with real model faces, even when they are not good. 
We will only use the good faces created by the facemakers from the community, not just the perfect ones because, no one is perfect but, just the good ones.
What is for us a bad face? Faces with a bad transition between the face and the hair, with colors that dont match with the body or with to much brightness, stains or low resolution textures, faces that dont look like the real players. We will not add just for have.


- For PES 16 we have created ˜ 75% of the kits used in our patch. Or goal is have in our patch 90/95 % created by us. For this we have worked in the creation of a big database of templates, colors and fonts, to create the kits in the fast & best way possible with all the details. Our kits are creaed in the "KONAMI Style" so, with this, we can give a more authentic look to the patch. Kits is for us one of the most important thing in the game so, expect a lot of kits created to detail, combinations and some teams with KONAMI kits with new and updated kits.


- We will only add the necessary and used by the players boots in the patch. The time of pack`s with 100 boots are gone. There is no need and again, we will not add just for have. Same with gloves, a little different for the balls, there is some classic balls not used today that need to be part of the patch.


- A little note: We never changed and we will never change the gameplay of the game.


- The PTE Patch it will be release between 4 to 6 weeks beteween patches. In the end of the football season the time for a patch be released can increase until 2 months or more. After 1/2 weeks of the release of a patch,  will be released a small update to fix errors or add new content.  

- The PTE Patch "New Seson" will be the last patch of the year. This patch will update all the leagues structures with the promoted/demoted teams and all the other necessary things for the new season EXCEPT, kits and transfers.

- After the release of the PTE Patch "New Season" we will not release any more updates because, we will start working in the upcoming PES. 


- 1. Bundesliga (Germany)
- Liga BBVA Bancomer (Mexico)
- J.League (Japan) or CSL (China) (not confirmed yet).

- Hong Kong Premier League by WEHK
- MLS - Major League Soccer (USA) by RTPES



- Teams to fill the free slots not defined yet
- If you want to creat one (or more) of this teams, contact us: pte.patch@hotmail.com
- The "Free team" will never be licensed, we will let that team fake so you guys can create your team.



For more info please, read our F.A.Q.
PTE Patch 2016 - 2017
PTE Patch is licensed under a Creative Commons International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)